We work with art as a resource as we:

Trust in art’s ability to identify, articulate and visualize agendas that shape our reality and future.

Believe that the current global paradigm shift offers exciting opportunities to engage with art as a resource in our changing communities.

Dream of bringing the best art experiences to the widest possible public.

We create value by facilitating all aspects of our client’s engagement with art and:

Curate art projects and exhibitions.

Facilitate collaborations between artists and private & public collections.

Advise on acquisitions, sales and investments in art.

On the basis of senior expertise and insight into the contemporary global art market we:

Create value by building ideas and resources into sound business practices.

Develop innovative and meaningful projects that consider art a valuable resource for the individual and for society.

Collaborate with wonderful, unique individuals, artists, collectors, museums and creative thinkers.

Faurschou Art Resources is established in 2015 by Luise Faurschou




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Faurschou Art Resources
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