ai Weiwei: Mountains and Seas


Château La Coste

8 April – 18 June 2017



To mark the completion of the permanent project Ruyi Path, Ai Weiwei has mounted an exhibition at Château La Coste in partnership with Luise Faurschou, that provides a broader sense of the artist’s work and contextualizes the Ruyi Path within his practice.  The works exhibited are made using traditional kite-making techniques that employ bamboo, twine, and silk.


A giant human body is suspended from the ceiling above the exhibition space, entitled Yuyi.  Along the walls, there are ten works that refer to creatures in the Chinese mythological texts entitled the Shanhaijing (Mountains and Seas). Two-dimensional 'drawings' float against the wall with suspended three-dimensional sculptures to create rich friezes of overlaying forms and shadows.


Throughout these compositions, mythical creatures are accompanied by references to Ai Weiwei`s life, his work and art-historical works that have influenced Ai Weiwei. The overall myriad of images poses questions of traditions, rapid modernisation and the role of the artist. Created just before the summer of 2015, when Ai Weiwei’s passport was returned following his detention and subsequent four years of travel restrictions, the works draw from this turbulent period.




Château La Coste is a vineyard where Wine, Art & Architecture live in harmony. Artists and architects are invited to visit the domain and discover the beauty of Provence. In turn, they are encouraged to choose a place in the landscape that speaks directly to them and given the freedom to create a permanent work for the place. Château La Coste will continue to evolve as new projects and installations are developed.

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