Christian Lemmerz: Corpus Delicti


Gallery Faurschou Copenhagen

14 May – 29 August 2009

Press Release:


Christian Lemmerz opens a solo exhibition at Faurschou CPH with new works.


As often with Lemmerz, his works centres on the notion of ‘being and time’. His works are about the beginning of life as well as its end. His art is about all the psychological, cultural and social relations that all at once gives us life, educate us and yet limits us and perhaps even warps and suffocates us.


Inspiration is drawn from Heidegger, Celan, Freud, Manzoni, Malevitj, the Bible, Greek Mythology and ancient Egypt. Lemmerz’ artworks are always added some irony for example when the beginning of life is represented by a foetus made out of the artist’s faeces or when the child’s christening is symbolised with a baptismal font in white marble with the inside shaped as a baby coffin. It is a wet grave filled with”Kölner Wasser”, to dampen the stench.

Love has a hard time thriving when two hearts are literally joined together, strangling one another, cast in bronze. The death awaits the breathing body, a zombie kept alive by a machine where the lungs breathing are visible as dark shadows. The father is symbolised by a swastika, the mother by a red sticky lipstick and the brother is fragmented and frozen in the juxtaposition of Osiris and Orpheus.


Thus in a brilliant manner Lemmerz plays with our European cultural and mental history as well as the cultural and identity conditions our existence is subjected to. It is as always entertaining, enlightening, striking as well as beautiful to encounter.


Christian Lemmerz’ exhibition is concurrent with a solo show at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. They are two significantly different exhibitions that emphasise the comprehensiveness of Christian Lemmerz’ work from the conceptual and idea based to the ambitious experimental handling of the material of the large bronze reliefs cast in sand at the Royal Museum of Fine Art. Thereby Lemmerz draws on different resources in his artistic expression.


Christian Lemmerz who turned 50 in January was just awarded the Thorvaldsen Medal. It is the highest recognition the academy can award an artist in Denmark.

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