Louise Bourgeois: Human Nature: Doing, Undoing and Redoing


Kistefos Museum

21 May – 8 October 2017

About the exhibition


The exhibition Human Nature: Doing, Undoing and Redoing by world-renowned French artist Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010), is this year’s exhibition at the Norwegian Kistefos Museum.


Being one of the 20th century's most significant and influential artists, the exhibition provides an exceptional insight into Louise Bourgeois’ lifelong studies of the human nature, and examines conditions that most of us recognize and experience throughout our lives.


Growth, amputation and regrowth are fundamental human conditions, inherent in our relationships with others, and part of our internal processes and emotions. Experiencing damage, both emotional and physical, and then having to repair and regrow, is a fundamental condition of our human lives.  We experience hardship and destruction, and we grow stronger in order to move forward and survive.


In nature we experience a similar circle of life as the repetitive force that turns damage and decay into rebirth and renewed life. In the exhibition nature and the human body become intertwined and they both reinforce each other, and become images of similar traits and conditions.


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