Nina Sten-Knudsen: Floden#Havet#Canyon


Gallery Faurschou Copenhagen

03 April – 07 June 2008

Press Release:


We have come to recognize Nina Sten-Knudsen for her monumental landscape paintings with multiple focal points. The landscapes have never been more beautiful, more grandiose or more radical than in her new series of paintings currently exhibited at Faurschou Copenhagen. All works were painted during Nina Sten-Knudsen’s stay in Berlin over the past year.


Nina Sten-Knudsen presents us with images of another world. Even though they are images of our world and our known nature they are nevertheless images far removed from the everyday, hectic city- and working life that most of us live. From such a place where the imagery from the media continuously enters our homes with news about the political decision makers and reports from the world’s hot spots.


Nina Sten-Knudsen has turned her back on this world and we now encounter a grandiose nature in the three main works: The river delta after the raging storm, the roaring ocean with the dark rock surfaces at twilight, and the gigantic ochre coloured landscape of rocks and canyons.


The hurricane has left the flood delta covered in water. Embedded in this scenario is the silence following the storm and the vague redemption of sunlight that merciless reveals the damages. Huge trees have been torn up with roots and thrown around like Mikado sticks. New waterways have emerged where previously fields and soil were cultivated and the houses have been flooded. As with most of Nina Sten-Knudsen’s works, this is not the only story presented to us on the canvas, there are details everywhere in the painting, such as a woman sitting on a chair by a window and the fragment of a letter.


In the deep blue painting of an ocean and rock landscape the human presence is only represented by the aeroplane in the sky, or by the lonely wanderers in the enormous golden rock ravine landscape.


Nina Sten-Knudsen takes us out into the large, wide open landscapes where humans hardly ever come, and if we do, we become aware of our own fragile existence by sensing the presence of something larger than ourselves. Nature that was here so much longer before us and that most likely will outlive us. Nature at once so fragile, and so affected by us, and yet so full of power that we are left powerless by its sheer force.


We are presented with the beauty and power of Nature - much in the spirit of Romanticism where Nature was seen as a mental, transcending and breathtaking experience.


It is no less than solace letting one’s eyes wander in Nina Sten-Knudsen’s detailed landscapes, both in the three large paintings, and in the 10 smaller format works exhibited.

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