The Sorcerer's Apprentice: Late Picasso & Contemporary Painters


Gallery Faurschou Copenhagen

08 March – 28 April 2007

Press Release:


The Sorcerer and his Apprentices!


Pablo Picasso continues, to this day, to inspire and challenge younger artists. At Galleri Faurschou’s upcoming exhibition, late works by Picasso are juxtaposed to new works by young painters from Germany, UK, Norway and the US.


Over the past decades, the late works by Picasso have been exhibited extensively in exhibitions at galleries and museums globally. Looking at the late paintings one is amazed by their visceral power. The narrative elements, the simplified, pictogram style, the powerful colours and the coarse application of paint onto the canvases are still a fresh inspiration for a younger generation of painters.


The exhibition is made in collaboration with Max Henry, a poet and curator from New York. According to Max Henry multiple tendencies in contemporary painting relate to Picasso. It is often construed that painting itself died with Picasso’s passing, that painting as such ends here as the art world at that time was occupied with other practices such as post-minimal and conceptual art. Despite the New Media ubiquity, painting has maintained its vitality and relevance in our modern wireless world.


Regarding painting, Picasso here represents the analog world he was apart of between the late 19th century, and three quarters of the 20th century. The artists working today are bridges between the last vestiges of the previous analog system and the digital civilization run on information and technology.


The participating artists all show great variation in their works, common is that they work with a powerful expressiveness. Personal landscapes and significant personal voices are expressed in this exhibition in interplay with paintings, drawings and sculptures by Picasso, whose late works are characterised by their strength, vitality and freedom of expression assisted by the technical bravura that comes with age.


The exhibition is tightly curated and we are pleased to present an exclusive group of young painters who have already achieved great international recognition and interest.


The participating artists are: André Butzer, Bendix Harms, Sean Landers, Bjarne Melgaard, Erik Parker, Pablo Picasso, Dana Schutz, Nicola Tyson and Phoebe Unwin.

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